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FASARY Double Caviar Beauty oil

Beauty Effects

Effectiveness of a variety of convenient bottle skincare formula:

  1. make-up water and mix
    Become effective moisturizing lotion

  2. Combine Beauty oil
    Facial cleansing, the beauty oil Cong in the face, and complete skin care steps

  3. Skin care use
    Import was used as a facial nutrition

  4. Use as a cosmetic solution
    Caviar with water drum skin elasticity

  5. Use instead of lotions and creams
    In the flooded moisturizing care in the face, forming a protective film to protect the skin and prevent moisture loss nutrition

  6. Other action
    It can be used as hair conditioner use, without washing
    It can be used for body beauty

Main Ingredients

Amino acids, vitamins Caviar


Combine beauty oil (can substitute lotion bottle, lotion, cream used) It can be mixed with lotion together as efficient use as a cosmetic moisturizing liquid solution used

It can be used for body beauty It can be used for drying the body and nail 

Use as a hair conditioner, no cleaning, repair damaged hair

Price HKD$ 1086