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FASARY Antibacterial Exfolia

Beauty Effects

  • For difficult to remove the old horny 
  • For toe seam prone to foot odor 
  • For foot scrub difficult to remove and clean fingernails 


skin cleansing, sterilization, disinfection, prevention of body odor, odor

Main Ingredients

Purified water, concentrated glycerin, acrylic acid (ester) class, vitamin E acetate (moisturizing soft), Alkoxy cetyl trimethyl ammonium chloride, lauryl dimethyl beet alkali (interface active agent), perfumes, isopropanol


Squeeze a small amount of seaweed Whitening Exfoliating Gel evenly on the feet Guo, gently pat, so that condensation can slowly break down keratin, when the emergence of white, gently massage, when there is a white cuticle after it with water cleaned

Price HKD$ 388