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FASARY Whitening Active Capsule Essence

Beauty Effect

  • Interrupt the formation of melanin
  • Enhance facial blood circulation 
  • Eliminate skin toxins 
  • Suppress free radicals 
  • Prevent occurrence of dehydration and excess oil 
  • Skin whitening

Main ingredients

Placenta, Vitamin A Oil, French Seaweed, Soluble Collagen 

The Whitening Active Capsule Essence of FASARY Ultimate Caviar Essence Series has few strong effects – effectively suppressing free radicals which cause skin spots and freckles, and interrupting the formation of melanin. Besides, enhancing peripheral blood circulation can ensure smooth circulation of blood circulation, and increase the oxygen and nutrition circulating to skin cell. It also includes whitening effects, improvements on rough skin, maintaining skin alternating periodicity, balancing oil secretion, prevent signs of dehydration and excess oil. Your skin tone will be even and flawless, bright and radiating!


Cleanse at days and nights, and after using NO.1, apply 1-2 drops of essences on your face – avoid surrounding areas of the eye. Use the FASARY series product afterwards.

Price HKD$ 1980