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FASARY Anti-aging Active Capsule Essence


Cleanse at days and nights, and after using NO.1, apply 1-2 drops of essences on your face – avoid surrounding areas of the eye. Use the FASARY series product afterwards.

Main ingredients

Apple stem cell, Artichoke Leaf, Prunus Lannesiana,French Seaweed, Soluble Collagen

Apple stem cell is a revolutionary anti-aging active ingredients developed based on the extraction of stem cell technology. This miraculous caviar esscence – Anti-aging Active Capsule Essence can immediately infiltrate into your skin to avoid signs of again, and help you to maintain youthful skin immediately. The epigenetic and growth factor in apple stem cell can help increase the activeness of cells, thus avoiding and delay the aging of cell, and promoting cell regeneration. This capsule essence can help you maintain your youthhood, and freeze your skin age. Stay Young is not a dream anymore!

Beauty Effect

  • Eliminate deep wrinkles
  • Delay aging of skin cell
  • Promote cell regeneration
  • Suppress free radical
  • Repair DNA Freeze skin age

Price HKD$ 2180