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LPG-Cellu M6

Purify skin

Causes: Are you tired dull skin a natural face lift can cleanse your skin and reproduce the luster?. When toxins accumulate, the skin will begin to lose their luster and complexion becomes uneven.

Function: LPG physical ascension technology can promote skin circulation system, drain away toxins so that the skin purify shiny. 

Effect: once a course of treatment, the skin's circulation can be improved, and the skin regain Oxygen, leave the skin soft and delicate, carved rich luster. Best suited to those who need to attend the evening banquet! 

Smooth wrinkles - smooth wrinkles: - 43% *

Cause: With age, responsible for maintaining youthful skin cells (fibroblasts) begin to slow down the secretion of collagen and elastin fibers, the skin will slowly begin thinning and no elasticity, and wrinkles. 

Function: LPG technology can enhance the physical properties of the activation of cell metabolism, activation of fibroblasts once again secrete collagen and elastic fibers. Reforming skin's collagen make the skin tissue exhibits a smooth surface. 

Effect: smooth wrinkles, fine lines and expression lines from the skin layer, the effect is lasting. 

Eye-Lift Contour - firmness: + 53% * collagen synthesis: + 240% 

Cause: loose skin fibroblasts begin to slow down to characterize the secretion of collagen and elastic fibers. The skin becomes loose connective tissue, skin aging characterization began to appear.

Function: LPG natural activation technology to re-make the cells secrete collagen and elastic fibers, skin tissue elasticity reply support. 

Effect: Deep firming, skin tightening elastic! Your cheekbones, facial contours to enhance, the effect is obvious and natural. 

NOTE: This course Total Price $ 38,000

We have included 100 courses (each section 15min) can freely replace any medication, one year period
* Select customers of natural Cellulite treatment with medication purchased LPG designated tights  (Significant effect of up to 50%) For more information, please call 3107-0950 or visit the company inquiry

Price HKD$ 38000