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8th Generation Cellu M6®Endermolab [2]S

The new 8th generation 2014 ‧Cellu M6®Endermolab [2] S A combination of body and facial treatment and established technology. Patent reform The new design set in a rigid, to achieve extraordinary results. Cell activation technology LPG manufacturers in France in 1986, developed 100% of cell activation technology, It offers unique beauty and medical treatment for connective tissue. 

Nearly 60 preset programs: 

Body beauty treatments:
Upper body obesity treatment, lower body obesity treatment, cellulite treatment, Tightening treatment ‧‧‧ 

Facial beauty treatment
eye treatment, tightening treatment, Dodge wrinkle treatment Fitness course: warm, soothing muscle 

fibrosis, swelling, inflammation, varicose veins ‧‧‧ 

Sports courses:
tendon trauma, warm, soothing muscle ‧‧‧ 

shaping, cellulite treatment ‧‧‧ 

Medical cosmetology:
Before and after liposuction, pull the dough before and after surgery

Price HKD$ 38000