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LPG-Cellu M6 Natural interactive Cellulite treatment

Cellulite natural interaction can make natural for the position you want to lose, and no damage of the slimming effect!
Shrink fat cells - promote lipolysis: + 70% *
Cause: stubborn fat appear on your physique - waist, abdomen and thighs.
Function: LPG rollers of physical stimulation, start deep biological responses, so lipolysis active again.
Effect: make fat more easily consumed significantly improved physique. Curve reproduction, especially if you want to lose position.
Smooth cellulite - reducing cellulite by up to 20% *
Cause: cellulite is degraded by the excess fat from the water. With the volume becomes larger and affect the skin surface, causing cellulite.
Function: LPG physical sexual stimulation can soften tissue rolls and release fat cells.
Effect: the skin becomes smoother, cellulite is also gradually being permanently eliminate!
Tighten the skin - skin tightening: + 240%
Cause: weight change, pregnancy or age will make the skin becomes flabby and lack of flexibility.
Function: stimulate LPG rollers plus a core frequency of activation of fibroblasts can naturally produce more collagen and elastic fibers.
Effect: to tighten the deep, clear skin becomes compact and flexible.
Remodeling stature
Cause: slender course is good, but with good posture even more perfect; general position is the abdomen, buttocks.
Function: LPG rollers can be targeted to reshape your physique. Both said the body to make your body more perfect.
Effect: physique and curves reproduce, so you figure reply beauty.
        NOTE: This course Total Price $ 38,000
        We have included 100 courses (each section 15min) can freely replace any medication, one year period
        * Select customers of natural Cellulite treatment with medication purchased LPG designated tights
 (Significant effect of up to 50%) For more information, please call 3107-0950 or visit the company inquiry
Price HKD$ 38000